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Looking for stake
  rubbago, Dec 12 2012

I'm Rubén Barrera from México and been in since 2010

I do decent in micro stakes, but i've never been able to have a stable bankroll because i have to make cashouts month after month to pay college.

I'm looking for a stake to play SnGs 45m, I intent to mix some $7 and $3.5 due to the traffic in $7 is vlow at some hours.

What I expect and can offer is:

    -Stake of 150 bis, around $800 so i can have 'space' to play with no pressure
    -A short term deal, lets say 2k SnGs (15 days~)

%s and details can be discussed by PM or via skype, you can find me as 'rubbago'

As much as references i´ve worked some stakes in the past with some Lp'ers in and i'm mod in there, but that makes no difference i guess... Baal can give an insight about how I work, and thats all

Currently dont have graphs in hem, but i can post a ss of my sharkscope, a mix of stakes from $1 to $15(90% under $10), and many types of SnGs.. but 45s are like 95+% of them.

I would like to start working ASAP, let me know if someone is interested

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